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Flooring trends to look out for this year

As always, the new year brings new fads in terms of interior design. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve, we’ve prepared a list with the hottest trends in flooring choices, ranging from colour trends to styles and finishes.

When it comes to colours, grey and extreme-dark colours are continuing to grow inpopularity. Lighter greys or darker greys, it doesn’t matter – there’s a very large variety, as well as an increasing demand for blends of grey and brown colours. As far as darker colours are concerned, home owners seem to want even more black. Jacobean and eb
ony are a popular combination, as well as ebony and dark walnut. From lighter to darker, of course we even have the single pure forms: ebony, jacobean & dark walnut. Take note however that the darker the colour of your floors,
the harder it will be for them to stay 100% clean.

Oiled floors are gaining popularity lately. Over the last couple of years, this new development has gained a lot of ground. The ingenuity of oiled floors consists in their coating. Unlike most floors (which use polyurethane), the oil used creates a unique texture that gives the flooring a natural worn-out look. The oil ages along with the wood, and over time it makes the planks stronger, while leaving the colour unchanged.

As far as style is concerned, a very trendy option are farmhouse planks. It’s one of those trends that gain popularity out of nostalgia, a return to simpler times. This style uses planks that are much wider than regular hardwood floors. This is the one tom pick if you want a more rustic look. They are also easier to clean, and are usually made out of pine or oak. Reclaimed wood is also trendy, as it gives your home more character. However, these styles (farmhouse & reclaimed) are not cheap, and are usually a design statement – but they look amazing!

Another style that is increasing in popularity lately is having planks of different sizes. This asymmetry can make your house look more interesting, and in some architecture styles they fit perfectly. As is the case with farmhouse planks, this choice stems out of a desire to return to more authentic floors (older homes used to have different width/length planks in order to utilize the wood as efficiently as possible (when manufacturing the floors). However, take into account that having different width or length planks may be an impediment if you have to change a board or two.
Satin and matte finishes are rising lately. Shiny finishes are considered im and outdated nowadays, because the dents and scratches are very visible on these finishes. Satin has a
much more low-key look, thus hiding imperfections.

Finally, there is a trend that is altogether universal, in the sense that it applies to any style, choice of colour or finish. What we’re talking about is making choices towards environmentally- friendly wood. This means picking flooring that’s made out of durable, long-lasting materials. Recently, more and more people are willing to pay more for their flooring, in order to eliminate the need for repairs further down the road. Cheaper floors may be an option when you can’t really find  the budget to spare. If you won’t be willing to pay some more money, you should always be very careful and inspect the manufacturer, look for floors that don’t use dangerous chemicals as part of the compound. A lot of producers cut corners to save money, and end up using toxic materials. Be on the lookout.

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