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Best lights for different rooms in the house.

Living room.

A variety of different lighting fixtures will work for your general lighting. Close-to-ceiling fixtures, wall sconces and interior lamps are excellent choices and provide ample lighting, they are decorative pieces and ideal sources of task lighting for reading or playing games.

Dinning room.

This lighting fixture will be the main feature of your room, so it needs to express your personal style while also satisfying your general lighting needs. Use a chandelier for an excellent source of lighting. When hanging a chandelier, make sure that the chandelier is 6″ to 12″ smaller than the narrowest side of the table, and that it has 200 to 400 overall wattage.

Consider a chandelier with an integral downlight for additional light on the table.


Sufficient lighting is a must for performing all your culinary needs or even helping your kids with their homework. Use decorative fluorescent fixtures centred over a workspace. Use under cabinet lighting to help prevent shadows on the counters.

Hallways and stairway.

The halls convey the first impression of a home’s interior, for a big effect choose a traditional chandelier or contemporary pendant to feature in your hallway to provide basic illumination and create a welcoming atmosphere. Light bulb cord with socket are also a good option as it means there should be no leads on show.

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Latest Wood Tile Flooring Trends

There are plenty of choices in terms to wood tile and it is difficult to choice the best one but we have come along to the latest trends today.

Here are the top 3 wood tile flooring trends.

1. Mixed wood-look tiles

2. Herringbone patterns

3. Variations in plank size

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Flooring trends to look out for this year

As always, the new year brings new fads in terms of interior design. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve, we’ve prepared a list with the hottest trends in flooring choices, ranging from colour trends to styles and finishes.

When it comes to colours, grey and extreme-dark colours are continuing to grow inpopularity. Lighter greys or darker greys, it doesn’t matter – there’s a very large variety, as well as an increasing demand for blends of grey and brown colours. As far as darker colours are concerned, home owners seem to want even more black. Jacobean and eb
ony are a popular combination, as well as ebony and dark walnut. From lighter to darker, of course we even have the single pure forms: ebony, jacobean & dark walnut. Take note however that the darker the colour of your floors,
the harder it will be for them to stay 100% clean.

Oiled floors are gaining popularity lately. Over the last couple of years, this new development has gained a lot of ground. The ingenuity of oiled floors consists in their coating. Unlike most floors (which use polyurethane), the oil used creates a unique texture that gives the flooring a natural worn-out look. The oil ages along with the wood, and over time it makes the planks stronger, while leaving the colour unchanged.

As far as style is concerned, a very trendy option are farmhouse planks. It’s one of those trends that gain popularity out of nostalgia, a return to simpler times. This style uses planks that are much wider than regular hardwood floors. This is the one tom pick if you want a more rustic look. They are also easier to clean, and are usually made out of pine or oak. Reclaimed wood is also trendy, as it gives your home more character. However, these styles (farmhouse & reclaimed) are not cheap, and are usually a design statement – but they look amazing!

Another style that is increasing in popularity lately is having planks of different sizes. This asymmetry can make your house look more interesting, and in some architecture styles they fit perfectly. As is the case with farmhouse planks, this choice stems out of a desire to return to more authentic floors (older homes used to have different width/length planks in order to utilize the wood as efficiently as possible (when manufacturing the floors). However, take into account that having different width or length planks may be an impediment if you have to change a board or two.
Satin and matte finishes are rising lately. Shiny finishes are considered im and outdated nowadays, because the dents and scratches are very visible on these finishes. Satin has a
much more low-key look, thus hiding imperfections.

Finally, there is a trend that is altogether universal, in the sense that it applies to any style, choice of colour or finish. What we’re talking about is making choices towards environmentally- friendly wood. This means picking flooring that’s made out of durable, long-lasting materials. Recently, more and more people are willing to pay more for their flooring, in order to eliminate the need for repairs further down the road. Cheaper floors may be an option when you can’t really find  the budget to spare. If you won’t be willing to pay some more money, you should always be very careful and inspect the manufacturer, look for floors that don’t use dangerous chemicals as part of the compound. A lot of producers cut corners to save money, and end up using toxic materials. Be on the lookout.
wood floors pattern

Wood floors pattern


Parquet Pattern                                                  Trianon Pattern


Versailles Pattern                                                 Herringbone Pattern

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Dark Floors

An elegant and confident choice

When decorating a space, one of the first things you need to take care of is the flooring.
Usually, wood is chosen because it makes the space feel warmer and more inviting, or
because it’s just part of your culture such as in many Scandinavian homes.

Dark floors are particularly interesting in 2016 belonging to an overall darker trend in the
interior design world which to extremes even reaches the Total Black Look (image no. 6).

To some dark flooring options might look dramatic but, at the same time, they sure are elegant,
timeless and their versatility when it comes to embrace different interior styles from
urban modern to classic is just impressive. All photos are credit to the Wood Flooring Specialist.

When we talk dark flooring, the actual range used by many architects and stylists goes from
dark brown, to grey, charcoal and pitch black.
Surfaces are getting more distressed, weathered and rather matte than shiny.

If you want to contrast your home, for example, you could always have a white frame
through your walls and ceiling, play with white furniture or more feminine shades such
as pale pink to soften your colour palette (image no.4). Natural wood is always a very
good contrast, too. And adding plants is of course, a safe choice.

As for the tile industry, wood-look tiles have already been established as a favorite and it
seems that won’t change. In fact, wood-look tiles are adapting already to everything from
barn wood looks to aged painted planks and offer all kinds of patterns (image no.5).

Also, Chevron (pic no.6)  and Heringbone (pic no.5+7) patterns as a contrast to sleek planks,
are very popular and look amazing in darker colours with brown and greyish fillings.

Hardwood flooring never goes out of style, but design and trends are changing.
Colour, size and pattern can be used to express yourself, just like your wardrobe, and give
your home personality, and character.

Wood types

Reclaimed Floors


Reclaimed Chestnut Floors                                       Reclaimed Grandpa’s Wood Floors


Reclaimed Heart Pine Floors                               Reclaimed Original Surface Barnwood Paneling


Reclaimed Oak Floors                                             Reclaimed Milled Barnwood Floors

Pine Floors, Wood types

Pine Floors


Eastern White Pine Floors                            Longleaf White Pine Floors

Hit or Miss Eastern White Pine Floors

Wood types

Hardwood Floors



Ash Floors                                                                Birch Floors               


Brown Maple Floors                                            Hickory Floors          


Red Oak Floors                                                     Cherry Floors


White Maple Floors                                            Walnut Floors


Rift & Quartersawn White Oak                       White Oak Floors



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Wooden Flooring Trends of 2015

Wooden flooring is today an intrinsic part of a home’s design just like most other aspects of interior design. It remain to be a trendy and worthy pick for mortgagee, even if they’re constructing a new home or planning a house improvement. Every homeowner has a different taste when it comes to decor and color choices. And since you are going to be living and spending a lot of your time at home it is best to pick the trends that suit you.

Wooden flooring doesn’t have to be the usual common brown shade. There are wide ranges of colors available including an amazing array of whites, browns, blacks, greys, and reds. You can also buy unfinished flooring and then stain it with in any colors of your choice. Diverse color options allow the décor of the rooms to express the personality and style of the homeowner in a better way. Some of the latest floor color trends of 2015 are:

1. Dark Wooden Floors

Dark floors persist to grow in reputation, especially among the luxurious and premier homes. They give homes a modern and sophisticated look. Most of the dark hardwoods are stained to make them look darker. There are many types of dark stains available in the market but the two most fashionable stains are Ebony and Dark walnut stain. Dark floors can be a bit more difficult to clean and preserve as they tend to show dust, grime and scratches a little more.

2. White Wooden Floors

White wooden floors does that work well for all homes, but if you need a flooring color that that stands out and takes the attention then white is a brilliant pick. A polished white finish improves the essential light in an area and creates the illusion of more space. So think about fixing white wood flooring in smaller areas of your home or office to achieve ultimate charm.

3. Neutral Wooden Floors

Neutrals are always in vogue. The Natural colored wooden floors, both in prefinished and stained types, balance this design perfectly. It is however recommended that you match your wooden flooring to the furniture for an fresh and lively appeal. Neutral hardwood floors look wonderful in any room, from the kitchen, bedroom to the dining area.

4. Copper hued Wooden Floors

Copper ensures a chic and expensive look that works well with parquet decorations. Copper or orange timbre are available in many bizarre wood flooring types and are repeatedly used to highlight the flooring with a dash of color. Choose a delicate or neutral paint for the walls when fixing copper wood flooring, as this hue tends to appear washed out with brighter shades of wall paint.

5. Gray Flooring

One of the biggest benefits of gray wood flooring is the vivid display of the wooden grains. The grey tone emphasizes on the natural grain of any wood species, imparting character to the room. Gray hardwood is particularly popular in entranceways and dining rooms.

6. Black floors

Black wooden floors are yet another way to make your room look chic and slick. Black flooring furnishes a room to give it a warm and sophisticated persona. The best advantage about black is that it syncs with every color and shade. A black floor can convert a normal room into something quite amazing.

Other Wooden Flooring Trends

Preference for Solid wood over engineered wood

There is a deep fondness for solid hardwood because it is more durable as it can be sanded and refinished a number of times. While engineered flooring may grant a realistic alternative in areas with concrete sub-floors, many have recognized that if you have a plywood sub-floor, solid hardwood flooring is a much sensible long term solution. Since solid hardwood can be refinished, for those of you who have pets or naughty kids at home solid wood gives you more flexibility as you can redo the floors when it gets worn down. This is even more vital and essential for heavy traffic areas such as hallways, entry areas and kitchen.

Wider Planks

Wider planks make your home look larger. They also deliver a modern appeal. Most homemakers who are putting in new hardwood prefer to go wider in the planks, even if it’s wider than standard (or basic) 2 1/4″ strip. It is remarkable how big and astounding the result is by just switching from a 2 1/4″ to 3 1/4″ or 5″. In some settings wider planks such as 5″, 6″ or 7″ can really create a big impact.

Site finished hardwood is more favored

Site finished wood is strongly favored over prefinished hardwood in terms of style and repairs. Most of them desire the spotless, smoother edges and more up to date look. It also offers your home a more genuine look as prefinished hardwood will frequently show the edges of the base.
Site finished wood is easier to clean and is more resilient to water. Another advantage of site finished wood is the skill to modify the color to your taste. Stains can be checked on-site before confirming color decisions. And also it’s much comfortable to match colors from room to room.

Wooden Flooring in powder rooms

A lot of home owners are changing kitchens to hardwood; they are also switching powder rooms floors to hardwood so that they are regular with the rest of the hardwood flooring. This also helps make the room look larger, and it becomes more sensible to combine as one plan. Though hardwood flooring cannot be recommended for a normal bathroom, hardwood can be a very good and stylish choice for powder rooms.

Wooden Flooring in Entryways

For entryways, a lot people today opt for hardwood flooring. By changing the tile or even vinyl in entryways to hardwood, it makes the space look big. It can also be cost saving to do this work if you are redoing the floors in other areas.

By Colors

Colors for Every Lifestyle

Wood flooring comes in a variety of distinct colors and textures that can be easily modified with stains and finishes.


Light Brown

Dark Brown



Shop Wood Floors by Style

Shop Wood Floors by Style

Before you choose a hardwood floor, think about how much foot traffic you expect. Consider the look you want and how much you plan to invest.

Decide how you will install your new floor. Will you do it yourself? Or, get help from a professional.


Solid Hardwood

Perfect in rooms with heavy foot traffic and durable enough to last a lifetime, hardwood can be refinished multiple times. For best results, get help with the installation.

Engineered Hardwood

Get the look of solid hardwood at less cost. Made from cross-grain layers of hardwood, it’s strong and stable.

Bamboo Flooring

Stylish and affordable, bamboo can take wear and tear and is easy to maintain. Choose from a variety of natural shades or stain it any color.

Cork Flooring

Today’s cork flooring is durable, plush, and comes in a vast selection of colors. You’ll create a distinctly soft, warm and quiet space.

Parquet Flooring

Arrange parquet tiles into decorative and geometric patterns for a textured, elegant feel. Available in variety of wood types and colors.